Sunday, December 9, 2012

Taking a Break

I am taking a break from blogging for now.  The children and I have had a fun time making Christmas crafts and our holiday celebration is well under way.

I had a visit to the doctor and it looks like I will have to move forward with the next round of chemotherapy before Christmas and maybe as soon as next week.  I am disappointed that my break from chemo is over, but am prepared to take my fight to the next level.  I appreciate your patience and will come back for a post when I can.  Maybe Isabel will also do a guest post or two, we'll see.  Thank you again for reading my blog.

Here are a few recent photos:

Isabel napping.  She looks like she is being attacked by a hair monster.


I went to the rest room and came back and someone was asleep in my chair.  I've had the chair for a while and Luci hasn't gotten into it until now.  It was cold so I think she wanted to get cozy.

I love the way Luci wrinkles her face when she's sleeping.

I hope you are enjoying the Holiday Season!