Sunday, March 3, 2013

Yarn, Thread and Love Rocks

I have been doing a variety of crafts over the last few weeks and wanted to share some photos of them.

I love to crochet and have been doing small projects.  Here is a round coaster using this amazing multi colored yarn I bought last year.
This is a flower shaped coaster using that same yarn.  The colors change after long segments of certain combinations.  Only problem is that I can't find the paper tag that went with it.  That's ok, there are only a couple of places it could be from so I'll find it eventually, I would love to see if there is a blue version.  I will definitely be using the yarn to make a few more small projects I know I will love.  I really like coasters because they are quick and I have seen quite a few free patterns online that I can try. 

I used a tutorial on one of my favorite blogs Resurrection Fern to complete this little rock fish necklace.

 I made a few additional rock fish.

I had to try a few colored ones too.  They were very fun and easy to make.

I used a tutorial I found on the really nice blog Speckless to make this multi-media rock.  I first embroidered my message on a piece of muslin, then I crocheted the muslin to a stone to make a paperweight.  You can vary the pattern of the crochet using doily stitches.  

This is the back, pretty simple.  I wanted to make a token of love and it worked!  

Esteban liked his love rock.  I am working on rocks for Sebastian and Isabel.  

I used my Mark-B-Gone pen to write the message on my bit of muslin first, the bright blue ink disappears with a little water.  I embroidered Sebastian's already using his favorite color, you can see Isabel is still in Mark-B-Gone blue ink.  The grey thread is to crochet Sebastian's rock and the dark red for Isabel's.  I will show off the finished rocks soon.  
I am doing a few Swap-bot craft swaps that I am really excited about so I have a few deadlines.  I will post more about Swap-bot soon too.  At the very least I have to let you know that it has been so fun, I've had a great experience.  It is one of those things that is what you make of it.  

Chemo was fine last week and the week before.  It makes me feel a bit medicated and I tend to fall asleep in my chair pretty regularly.  Usually with a ball of thread or yarn in my lap.  My family is taking great care of me and Luci is a loving companion. I am looking forward to seeing spring in the trees along my walk. Soon.  

Have a great rest of the weekend.

Isabel and Papa go to the Concert

Last week Isabel had her Spring Choir Concert.  I was not able to go in person but I was there in spirit and Esteban got a little video for me.
 I got a great snap of my beautiful baby before she left, a friend fixed her hair for her.  Isabel had a small solo and she was so proud.  The concert went well with lots of applause.  Here is little Bella on the way to her concert.

Isabel is wearing my shawl because it was a bit cold and she did not want a sweatshirt to ruin her outfit.  I love her smile and am so proud of my lovely daughter.