Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holiday Bliss

My little family had an amazing Christmas.  We all got things we wished for and had a few days of feasting and generally goofing around.

I thank our extended family members around the world that all sent gifts and love to us.  We have Grandparents in Texas and Vera Cruz, my brother in Kentucky and Esteban's sister in Spain.  Wonderful people who honored us by thinking of us this holiday season.  They all helped create for us what Sebastian called "The best Christmas ever."  Isabel agreed, when she could look up from her new phone;).

So here are a few pictures of our wonderful holiday.

The photo is crooked, not the tree;).  Isabel put it all together herself, it was beautiful.

Here is a picture of Santa Esteban wearing his Power Rangers hoodie that he was wishing for.

Minutes later.......Santa takes a nap on the wedge pillow I made him for Christmas.

My handsome son got that nice shirt for Christmas.  He said his favorite thing was a wi-fi Jam speaker he got from Santa.

Isabel got that cool black beret, Cookie monster jammie pants, anime t-shirt, and you see her favorite thing, her phone.

The phone again, and my favorite, that smile.

I got the most comfortable slippers I have ever worn.  They are Dr. Schools and feel like two soft furry kittens are hugging my feet.

I also got this amazing tool that has two pincher holders, I have already used it a few times and it is awesome.  Santa also got me a new camera too and it is wonderful, I am learning the new features.

Sebastian picked out this great stuffed pig for Luci, she is still chewing the heck out of it.

So you can see we all had a great holiday.  I hope each of you had as much fun.

Happy New year!


  1. It certainly does look like everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Your new slippers sure do look comfy!! Love Luci's pig! Thanks for the holiday update and the great photos!!

  2. Hahaha. Go Luci! Thanks for the lovely update. :)

  3. So glad to see you blogged. Have missed reading them. I read it to your Dad and he just smiled (sums it all up). Love from SA The Browns.


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