Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First Post!

I am so excited to get started.  We are going to use this blog to share family photos (my family is so cute, it is practically an emergency), to chronicle our adventures and even just share what we are making/eating/doing right now.  I think this writing will be helpful to me and while I know no one may show up, I welcome each and every visitor that does happen by.  This will not be a cancer blog.  Please do not misunderstand, I am very grateful. That does not mean that cancer will never come up, it just means that my content will be about other things. While I am fighting with every cell (I picture tiny cells with boxing gloves:), I need a place to get away from it all and I am asking for you to join me.
I love to make things. I LOVE it.  Sewing, jewelry, embroidery, paper mache, glass etching, crochet, you name it and I want to try it out. I was a Brownie and Girl Scout as a child and back then I liked to make things. But as an adult, because I was always working, I did not know what amazing things people are doing out there with arts and crafts. WOW!  I started following sewing blogs about a year ago and will share some of my creations, including what Isabel calls "The ugliest dress I have ever seen." Hey at least I know she will tell me how she really feels. The dress is only the beginning, we will share crafts large and small as well as share about each of us and what we are up to. 
I mentioned Isabel, she is my daughter and just turned 13.  I will profile her and her brother Sebastian, 19 and my husband Esteban.  Esteban is an amazing artist, he works with digital images to create the unexpected. They are a family to be proud of and very funny.
One main character I forgot to mention, and she may be THE main character, is Luci.  Luci is, we were told, is a lab and boxer mix.  While that sounds possible, she also resembles a smallish great dane or Scooby Doo's girlfriend. We got her at a place in Tucson that rescues puppies from puppy mills. She was three months old when we got her and she was the cutest giant puppy we had ever seen. You will see, she is special and a very important part of our family.
Isabel and I are working on updates this week so stay tuned.

Luci the giant puppy at 3 months old.
Luci still thinks she is little and wants to sit in my lap. Luci is now 3 years old.

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