Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lost and Found

Last month I was able to contact by phone, a long lost cousin.  We had not been in touch since our early twenties when we met briefly.  She got to meet Sebastian as a two year old.  I found her using the internet and was so proud to finally talk with her.  It turns out that she now has a baby of her own, a beautiful little girl. I was also sad to hear that our grandmother (our mothers' mother) passed away very recently.  Our grandmother was at the center of her family and was a very sweet and loving woman.  I am glad that she had people she loved around her all of her life.
When we were children, my cousin and I only got to see each other on and off because as I mentioned my dad was in the Air Force and we moved every few years.  My mother's side of the family is from Georgia.  I remember Georgia and how green it is, and I remember how my cousin used to sing, she had an amazing voice, like the kids you see on American Idol.  I remember that she was always kind and generous to my brother and I every time we met.  The amazing thing to me is that after all these years she looks exactly the same. I mean it really is stunning.  I am posting her picture because she is so beautiful in her wedding dress, I can't resist.  With her is our Aunt who passed away in 2010.  It was the obituary I found for her that led me to my cousin. An amazing and strong women, I wish I had been able to let her know how much I admire and love her.
After talking to the cousin that was nearest to my age, the one in the photo; I was able to speak to another cousin who was a few years older than we were.  She was a cheerleader and I think homecoming queen and prom queen and I remember thinking she was the prettiest girl I had ever seen. She had hair like Farrah Fawcett. She sounds like a perfect southern lady on the phone. She is a successful business executive now.  It was wonderful to learn she was traveling and would be able to meet with my father in Texas.  So my cousin and her husband had dinner with my Dad and Step mom.  I heard they had a great time. Things sort of came full circle.  It is such a nice feeling to know that my cousins are out there, leading exciting and interesting lives.  I do not mention their names because I did not ask before posting this.  I just want for them to know that I am so grateful to be back in touch and hope to learn more about them and maybe even post again about them.  Love to you both.

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