Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sew Weekly Celebrity Contact!

I mentioned in my LOVE sick post that I love to read a blog called Sew Weekly. Each week women from all over the world post about clothing item(s) they made based on a theme for that week. Well last week I left a comment letting Loran know how much I was inspired and moved by her post about Rosie the Riveter. Take a look here.

Loran as Rosie!

 If you follow Sew Weekly you know Loran, she has some of the most spectacular garments week after week. While the garments are lovely, the posts have been even better; like with Rosie, Loran is committed and is great at sharing her experience.  On the site today for example, you can see her wearing this week's Las Vegas inspired creation.  In the post she talks about her love of Elton John and some of her Las Vegas memories. Those are definately some cool sunglasses.  The link for the entire Elton John post is  Here.

Clearly I am a fan of Loran's.  So you can imagine my surprise when I got the nicest e-mail from none other than the amazing Loran!  She let me know that she appreciated my comment and wanted to thank me personally!  She read this blog and saw that we have a few things in common.  While I will not share the personal details, I will say that I am now an even bigger fan of Loran's, if that is possible.  What a nice lady. She has chickens and a typing cat!

 I think Loran is the kind of woman that the rest of us can look up too.  Hard working, passionate and caring; these are the traits that I admire and want to pass on to my own daughter.  That is why I want to let Isabel and every other woman out there know about Loran.  She is a quiet type of hero, but the best kind, the kind that goes out of their way to make others feel special.

Thanks so much Loran for taking the time to e-mail me.  My best wishes go out to you, I hope all is well with your family and extended family. 

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