Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Stinky Library and A Great Treasure

I did not start off understanding how reading can really transport you.  I remember a summer contest when I was around 12 years old, where you earned points for the books read.  Because I didn't want to do a bad job I started reading but at a very slow pace because I was not interested in the types of books I was checking out.  I remember finding a historical novel about a girl who felt cursed because she kept seeing bits of the future.  That was the book that changed everything for me.  It was so entertaining, I felt like I was there with her.  I finished the book quickly and immediately felt a sadness that it was over. I was hooked. I ended up with a bronze metal that summer, which was good because of my slow start, but the next year I got the gold.
My father is a reader too.  He would take us to the base library pretty regularly, so I grew up loving the library.  When we moved to Tempe, one of the first things I wanted to do was find the public library.  Yikes! I have never seen one in the condition I found this one.  It was a dirty stinky and crowded place where people would stand in line for the few computers so they could update facebook, double yikes.  It was not the library I grew up loving.  Thank goodness there was a big sign that said remodeling would begin soon (Just a few years later and that library is now a wonder to behold, with new carpet, new books and furniture, an amazing kids zone, a cafe and two computer areas so the facebook people don't get in the book people's way;).
The stinky library was advertising an online library with thousands of books to use during the remodel.  I looked it up and bingo, found one of the greatest treasures of my life.  Ladies and Gentleman, I give you:  The Greater Phoenix Digital Library!

This is the main page of the online library.

Check this out.  I have two books on hold.  The first is The Quantum Universe, I am patron 4 of 4 waiting for the book.  The second is This Will Make You Smarter, I am patron 10 of 11 waiting to get smarter.

This shows my tablet and the shelf that holds my Library books. 
A few of the books I am reading: 
Promoting Health Through Creativity by Therese Schmid
Unfurling, A Mixed Media Workshop by Misty Mawn
Make Cloth Dolls by Terese Cato
Woof by Rachael Hale

I don't always read the entire book, but I like to check out things from different sections of the library.  I will let you know if the "get smarter" book really works.

If you live in Phoenix or the surrounding areas, the digital library is free and accessed with your local library card.  If you do not live here, your state may have a similar library or I believe you are able to buy a membership to the Phoenix one for a reasonable price.
One of the cool things is that you check books out and when the time is up, the books simply expire.  I have checked out almost every arts and crafts book they have and regularly check back for more.  The library even has this new program that when you buy a digital book online, the library gets a copy for free.  You may have noticed how cheap thrifty I am, so I don't buy books often, but when I do I will definitely use that new program.

My cousin sent me this photo of us as little girls. Aren't we cutie pies.

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  1. I love that you shared our picture! I also love to read, though I'm not much of a nonfiction reader. I've been stuck on southern fiction lately. We have a nice library here. If I buy books, most of the time I'll buy them from the goodwill store. :0)


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