Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blogs and BOBs

A Note on Blogs
I love to read but I want to be swept away, taken to another place to experience, learn or feel something. That's why reading blogs appeals to me.  I read a wide variety and enjoy every one.  I shared a bunch of blogs I like with a friend recently. She seemed to think they were not for her because she was able to pick out or find the differences she had with that person or blog.  Interesting.  Things like that blogger has this religious affiliation, that blogger is Vegan, that blogger is in France.   I was surprised.  We talked about it and I understand where she is coming from and I think she understands how I feel.  She wants to read about people who share her perspective, not just her interests. I guess I think of blogs like I think of people.  There is something connected about all of us.  The things we choose, do and create distinguish us from the pack.  I am fascinated by those things. I think there is so much value in having people who are fundamentally different share about things they care about.  I feel like my world is opened up every day because I am able to read such a great variety of topics from very different people around the world.  I plan to continue to share blogs I like in posts so I can detail why I like them.  If they are not for you, I understand.

Sebastian and BOB
For his Birthday Sebastian wished for and got BOB.  I think it stands for Body Opponent Bag.  Basically it is a stand up punching bag that looks like a man.  I would think it was creepy if Sebastian didn't love it so much.  Love changes everything.  Now Bob is a member of the family.  Kind of.

I wasn't able to get a picture of Bob's um legs.  Maybe when we get a little closer;)  But with a good variety of photos I felt almost an emergency need for......you guessed it---A Picmonkey Photo College!!

See?  Clearly Sebastian loves that BOB.  I remember waking early in the morning one day and hearing a funny noise that sounded like two badgers fighting coming from Sebastian's room.  It took a moment for me to realize that the gloves he wears causes a funny squeaky and buzzing noise when he punches Bob.  I am so glad it wasn't badgers;)

Have a terrific day.


  1. I like it when you post about the blogs you read because then I learn something new too. I guess I'm like you in that regard. BOB is a handsome fellow. I hope Sebastian is having fun punching him. Man, that would be a good stress relief for me...

  2. Apparently Bob is so attractive that Esteban has fallen under his spell. You can't help but laugh when you see them sparring with Bob. He looks so ready for a punch or kick.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence on my blog sharing, means a lot.


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