Thursday, June 28, 2012

Family Super Powers

I hope I have made it clear in my posts so far, I have a pretty terrific family.  I have been thinking about each person and their family super powers. These are just initial thoughts, I think each person also has other super powers, but that is for a different post;).

Family Super Powers:
Isabel is a sweetheart.  She has developed great confidence for her age and sometimes it can seem like too much confidence (SASSY); but at her core Isabel is a loving angel.  I can see it in the way she helps me, in her eyes when we joke and craft, and how she plays with Luci.  Sometimes I secretly stand in the hall outside of the kitchen so I can hear her sing while she washes dishes.

Sebastian is a lover and a fighter.  He beats on Bob mercilessly but he also kisses my cheek in greeting when we see each other in the morning and before bed at night, every day.  He loves Luci with great abandon, even teaching her to hug (yes, she will actually jump up and hug him).  He has a strong manly love for his papa and even gives his sister a brotherly kind of "tough love";).

Esteban is a comedic magician.  He tells stories and makes comments that are so funny.  When he comes back from work, Esteban tells me about some of his adventures and most often I laugh to tears.  Sometimes I am in one room and hear roaring laughter coming from another and I know Esteban is working his magic on the children.  It doesn't get much better than that.

Our summer is moving in the right direction, we are often wearing pajamas and eating delicious snacks.  Wow, I just realized we are basically having a long pajama party.  I choose to embrace it.

Have an outstanding Thursday.

This gong is on our kitchen table.  Interesting or weird?  Both?  The sound it makes is soft and musical versus loud and metallic.  We all love it but forget about it sometimes.  I am going to go ring it in honor of this post.


  1. Love this Blog....the way you write with such spirit and passion.


  2. Interesting, not weird! I want a gong now too. LOL


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