Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hair Updates

The status of hair in my little family is constantly changing.  So I thought an update would be fun. 

First up is Isabel.  She has such lovely hair, it is so long and thick and alive.  Of course she wants to cut it to her shoulders.  While I am trying to be the voice of reason and advise a trim, I have to let her choose so I will let you know if she gets chopped.  I also realize how beautiful Isabel is becoming, luckily her insides match her outside. (Attention young men out there-her father has a gun;).

Next is Sebastian.  He has been shaving his hair off for over a year now, since mine came out.  When did he grow an adult man's goatee? Yikes, he is getting so mature.  What a cute little boy he was with that sweet face and golden curls.  I remember chasing him to put on a diaper.  I have a picture of that diaper chase I am saving for his future wife;)

Next is my beloved husband, Esteban.  He has been growing his hair and it looks amazing.  He goes to work with it slicked back and tidy, but I have to say I like it like this.  I just realized that it looks like Sebastian is copying his dad with the goatee, nice.

Since I have been on a break from Chemo for a few months, I have hair!  So let's be clear, it is like baby hair and it has not reached my eyebrows yet. See how it is long at my ears and short everywhere else, weird.  I still wear my hats to go out, but hair is hair, so let's celebrate!

If you have been paying attention at all you know that there is one more member of the family to review.  Yes, Luci!  Her short hair looks as good as ever.  I love her color, a very warm golden shade.

So there you have it, a complete hair update. 

P.S. Chick Fil A day was amazing! Yes, I have become one of those people that takes pictures everywhere I go.  I know it's goofy but I don't get out much, so I take advantage and capture what I can.  Don't the waffle fries look delicious?  I also love the flowers on each table, nice touch.


  1. Your husband is a cutie! I love Chic Fil A. We don't have one near me. The nearest one is an hour away. Looking at those pictures just made my mouth water.

  2. I am still learning how to do the comments, thanks for yours. He is cute and his personality is so easy going and funny, I am super lucky. Sorry about the Chic Fil A, I am so glad we have one near. Because it is our treat of choice the employees at our location know my little family by now; it's not quite like Cheers with Norm, but almost.

  3. seeing you all just makes me cry.... tears of everything. i miss you guys and i treasure that short time that you and I were close. remember our sundays at Golden Corral.... We love you and hope to see you all soon....Andrea

  4. I remember nearly eating my weight a few times at Golden Corral. Didn't they ban us all from that place? Kidding.
    Good to hear from you. I sent the link to that funny e-mail address that has your last name and state, glad I got the spelling right;)


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