Sunday, June 10, 2012


On one of the blogs I enjoy and mentioned before Grow Creative, Elise shares Picmonkey as a free software for editing photos and making colleges (You can read her post about it here).
I have been having trouble with technology lately, mistakenly deleting random things, and messing up other things, Sebastian is so patient (Thanks Buddy).  I look for an easier way so the kids don't have to do stuff for me.
 I had to try this monkey business and put together two colleges in minutes!

The first is of Luci. I know I should have done one of the children first, but they would definitely want to help choose the photos, so expect colleges of everyone!!!

What a Magnificent dog and as sweet as you would wish a dog to be.

The next one is of some cloth flower pins that we made.  So pretty.

The flowers below are very small and actually made of ric rac. 

I think the flower pins turned out better then we expected.  They are easy to make and I like to pin them to my hats.

Take a look at Picmonkey if you want to make a superfast college, it was free and so easy even I could do it:)  I didn't even have to download the program, just worked on it right from the web. 

Have an outstanding Sunday.

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