Monday, June 11, 2012

Fine Art and Clip Art

The Louvre Museum
While I have never been, I've often thought of and imagined the Louvre museum in Paris.  I was so amazed when I found their website.  The site is very functional and available in English, you can use it to plan your trip to the museum, review maps and get information on live tours.  But the best part is they also have virtual tours available!! I was able to see some Egyptian antiquities and a Midevial section of the Museum.  The tours are very clear and worth the time if you are interested. There are other sections of the website where you can view individual art pieces, just awe inspiring.  I grabbed a few of the pictures quickly to show the range of art works available for view online.  Take a look when you get a chance, I really love it, like food for your mind.

You can reach the Louvre website in English here.

I've been looking for a new blog background that better represents us and stumbled onto a jewel of a blog called The Graphics Fairy owned by Karen Watson.  This blog has thousands of clip art pictures available and most are vintage looking.  I found cool images of lions and bees which are my favorite right now.  Using those images, I put together two quick colleges with Picmonkey.  Take a look:

I think the first is the crest of Scotland.  I love the fox blowing bubbles and the human like faces of the lions in the last crest.

The honey bear in the top right square makes me smile.  From a few of the posts I've read, some of the pictures are scanned and cleaned up images from old rescued magazines and journals.  They are all free, Karen just asks that you give her credit when using them.  She also collects pictures of crafts people have made using her images, there are some pretty cool and inspiring projects available to look at. A recent post of that can be viewed here.  I may use one of Karen's free backgrounds in the next few days, so don't be alarmed if things look a little different next time you stop by;)

I hope you have a Magic Monday!

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  1. Can you please send me that emerald tiara???? I will gladly wear it everyday. I'm glad you discovered the Louvre museum online. Those bee images are lovely. I hope you have a magical Monday tooooooo.


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