Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Made This!

 I love to sew.  There is something about it.  I think it might be that the focus necessary to work a project helps quiet my mind and the finished projects always boosts my confidence.  So this week I wanted to share a few things I've made in the last few months.  I will start with one of my first attempts at making stuffed animals.  I wanted to give them keepsakes, so I made both of the children little bunnies for Easter.  They are kind of funny looking, but were made with love.  The one pictured here is Isabel's, she added the collar and belt for some style.

I also love a certain dress pattern, 2054 from Cynthia Rowley and have made 2 versions with the mid length sleeve so far.  The dresses are so comfortable, I made one out of a navy blue polyester cotton blend and added a trim for the neckline. The red one is 100% cotton, I use it as a night gown and left the collar and the bottom hem unfinished, you can do that because the jersey knit does not unravel (sorry about the wrinkles;).

The last thing I want to share is a little bag that I carry my essentials in when I want to travel light, the handle goes around your wrist and makes it easy to carry.  I made the bag out of this cool fabric with feather graphics and the inside lining is a soft polyester that is semi shiny.  It was one of the hardest projects so far because the pieces were small and the zipper goes all the way around the pouch.  I love it, this bag is one of those projects that turned out better than I expected.

Thanks for checking out my sewing.  These projects are a bit older, I am now gathering some tools for basic jewelry making and can't wait to share some of my first completed items. Stay tuned,  I plan to share a few new projects in an upcoming post. 

Have a great Tuesday.

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