Monday, June 25, 2012

Family Member Updates

I wanted to give a brief update on what our little family is up to right now.

Here we go:

Isabel:  facebooking with her friends, reading about an Egyptian adventure, crafting jewelry, obsessing about Narwhals, singing while washing dishes and vacuuming, prepping for a summer adventure, sassing her brother, feeding and petting Luci, writing in her journal

Courtesy of Graphics Fairy

Sebastian:  gaming online, learning to play the violin via Youtube videos, applying for summer jobs, walking and petting Luci, beating up Bob, washing dishes and cleaning kitchen, going to the gym, bossing his sister, prepping for next semester
Violin VL100.jpg
Courtesy of Wiki

Frances:  goofing around with Esteban Isabel or Sebastian, crafting jewelry, embroidering a giraffe (from Embroider Everything Workshop),  reading about animals, Blogging about us;), eating good food and some bad too, petting Luci, sleeping
Embroider Everything Workshop
Embroider Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp
Courtesy of Wild Olive

Esteban:  Working, taking photos, digitally altering photos, thinking of setting up his own digital art blog (yea!), cooking up a storm, listening to his great music collection, cleaning and laundry, walking and petting Luci

Original Digital Art by Esteban
This was initially a photo of a piece of fabric

I tried to list a good sample of activities for each person and I wanted to give credit so included some chores.  Esteban and the children take really good care of me and Luci.  We are both very grateful.

I hope your week has a great start.


  1. This is a wonderful series. You should do this more often.I loved reading about your family. What Egyptian adventure book is your daughter reading?

  2. Thanks. They are amazing, I love sharing about them. I am working hard not to gush or embarrass the children:) Isabel is reading "The Kane Chronicles" by Rick Riordan. She loves his books.

  3. Aww, gush away and embarass them!!! I'm going to amazon to read about The Kane Chronicles and see if it's my cup of tea. I like reading YA.


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