Friday, June 22, 2012

Around Our World

While on break I have been looking around with new eyes.  It is like waking up from a long sleep.   As I've been looking, I was compelled to capture some of the interesting things we have collected over time.  I thought I would share some of them here today and in an ongoing series.  Of course the photos have been colleged*;)

*colleged-word I made up that means I put the photos in a nice college format.  Warning, I may be a bit addicted to colleging.  Another new word!!  Ok. I am backing away from Picasa.

These faces are scattered around our living room and hallway.  We've had a few of them for more than 15 years.  They look so interesting close up.  The lion and blowing man are actually very small, about the size of a closed fist and are made of rough plaster.  Sebastian and I found the wooden face carving in the lower right corner on a bench in a park in Tucson.  It is also pretty small, so when Sebastian sat on a bench he picked up the piece of wood that was there.  When he turned it over and saw the face he was so surprised and delighted.  We believe that someone carved it and left it there for another to treasure.  It hangs in a place of honor in our hallway. The lovely face in the lower left corner greets people as they enter our kitchen.  Although she looks like she could be on the bow of a tiny ship, the face in the upper right corner is actually a wall vase that holds dried flowers.  The two men with faces made of leaves look like they are talking; I really like the detail and whimsy.   Seeing them together like this might make you think that we have faces of random people all over the place.  We don't.  This is it.  Too bad, right?

All of the things in this second college are from my desk or the bookcase right beside my desk, except the one in the middle.  It is a fisherman's tackle box that I converted into my craft tools and supplies storage (I <3 this box).  The lower left picture is my sewing machine cover with a strip of leather that I stamped and propped up in front of it. I am so drawn to the blue plaid fabric that I had to give it a central location.  The paintings in the upper left and lower right corners are post cards of  "The Great Wave Off Kanagawa" a Japanese masterpiece by Hokusai and a favorite by Van Gough called "Almond Branches in Bloom San Remy".  The rich color and details on the tiny paper animals make them fun to look at (and play with).  I am working with beads right now and find myself really drawn to a certain range of colors and textures.  I like how shiny the glass bottles look in the photo.
I am having fun with all of my little things, they really help inspire me. I even like organizing my desk and crafting corner. I feel so fortunate and grateful to be able to spend my time in a place I enjoy.

There are also several pieces of fabric collected over the past few months that I am madly in love with right now.

The black and white fabric is a soft light sweater like material that has just a bit of wool from  I ordered it when it was still cold out and haven't been able to commit to a project for it, yikes.  I may use it to make a hat for fall, until then another great idea may come along.  The pattern on the fabric looks like chain mail to me, I am surprised that I am so drawn to it.  The blue floral fabric in the upper right corner is a poly cotton jersey from JoAnns that I want to make a hat out of but I can't bring myself to cut it just yet, that color range just pleases my eye right now.  I have it draped over my desk chair so I can just look at it for a while.  The lower left is a nice floral I got at Ikea, so cheerful.  I am looking for a quick project for it this summer.  The last is a great thick material from JoAnns I used to make a small backpack for Isabel recently.  I love the colors in it and plan to use it to make some kind of small bag for myself.  I know they sound pretty willy nilly, but these are actually back burner projects.  We have a priority on completing jewelry crafts and prepping for a special summer adventure Isabel is going on.  We will do a special post on that so stay tuned.

Thanks for starting the journey around my world, more to come. 

Have a fun Friday.

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