Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Life List

I love her blog because she is funny and I really like the way she writes.  The bonus is that AB Chao is a successful designer with an interesting life.  I enjoy AB's photo series of headless pictures of herself, they are so funny.  And like me, she has a very photogenic dog;)
I bring her blog to your attention not just for great dog photos, but because I feel compelled to share the Life List she put together.  I have been thinking about the world and my place in it for some time now.  A list like this made me feel so many things.  For me the point of the list is not about doing them, it is about identifying the things and places we love and the dreams we have inside.  My list would be very different except for the photo show of my dog's pictures and Kenny Rogers (Islands in the Stream-I know all the words).  Fun Frances Fact:   I learned the "Thriller" dance in high school. What is the Tamale Trail?  I looked it up and the trail is located in the Mississippi Delta and let's just say good eating and good times are the focus. I like how AB crossed out the things she has done already.  I am working on my list and hope that you are inspired to write one of your own.  Thanks AB.

Here is a small excerpt, you can see the complete list by clicking here-AB Chao's Life List:

Compete in a darts tournament
Buy and renovate a beach house on the Gulf Coast
Give a dramatic reading
Spend a day on a shrimp boat
Have a chef cook a 7-course meal for me and a crowd
Learn the "Thriller" dance
Run the New York marathon
Decorate a room with Jonathan Adler
Tour the Tamale Trail
Do a back flip on an in-ground trampoline
Sing a duet with Kenny Rogers
Attend a Super Bowl
Have a photography show with pictures of my dog
Speak really good French
Smoke pot in Amsterdam
Make the cover of a magazine
Eat a rice burger in Taipei
Have bespoke clothing made for myself in Singapore
Quit my job
Own a vintage Danish light
Eat at the French Laundry
Eat at Alinea
Eat at Cochon
Live in New Orleans

Here is a peek at a few flower pins I made recently.
I made this out of thick grey jersey like material.  I love the way the blue bead catches the eye.

These are also made of jersey and are super soft.  I sewed one onto my orange hat and just love it.

I hope you have a Wacky Wednesday!


  1. This is wonderful, I'm off to check out her blog. I'd love to see your list. I think I'll do a list too and share it on the blog. Why not? I love that we are inspiring each other.

  2. PS. I must be the only person on the planet that can't do Thriller. I have two left feet.

  3. I have to think for a few days about my list and was planning on adding it next week. I am excited to work on it. I am having a lot of fun sharing back and fourth with you. Thank you so much.

    P.S. Thriller is a bit overdone now anyway, like a sinister Macarena. I just pictured zombies doing the Macarena. LOL.

  4. I love the Macarena. I still perform it in my apartment if I'm bored, or something. Hahaha. I am still thinking about my life list. I know what i want to do, it's all in my head, but for some reason to write it down on paper seems daunting. Have a good weekend.


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