Saturday, May 19, 2012


I love hats and needed some that were soft when I started chemo.  I crocheted a few and they were great in winter.  It gets hot here so I knew I had to come up with something for the summer, this was last summer. I never liked wearing wigs, they are hot, itchy and just don't feel quite right. Going free and bald is fun, but it makes me cold sometimes and hot other times. I needed something that could handle daily wear, including sleeping for some of the caps. So I made a few hats out of thin cotton blend jersey (t-shirt material) and they were amazing.  So then I wanted a variety to go with different outfits so I made some more and just loved them.  People stop me often to ask where I get my hats, and I feel so flattered when they do.  I wanted to put my creativity to work to help with finances but with little pressure so my daughter and I opened an Etsy shop. We are going to sell our hats and other handmade goodies online.  It is open now, but we are adding inventory and plan a grand opening July 5. The whole family is helping.  Here is bit from our Etsy profile listing each persons title:
My family is supporting me and each person has a role and exciting new title.  My son, Sebastian is a strapping young man of 19. He will be in charge of packing and shipping, so his cool title is: International Transportation Director. He is still learning to drive, but he can pack the heck out of anything.  Isabel is 13 and helps with the crafting and photos.  She has great taste, style and gorgeous hair so I think Creative Craft and Quaffed director.  My husband is Esteban and he provides comic relief and great food, so he is CFO (Chief Food/Fun Officer). I like to cheer everyone on and love chocolate so I will be the CEO: Chief Encouragement/Eating chocolate Officer). I have a great family and we make each item with love and hope you enjoy our shop.
  The shop is called-you guessed it-My Laughing Lion (I will do a post soon to explain the cool name).  Stop by and take a look at the shop if you get a chance:  .My Laughing Lion.  At least you will see the great pictures of Isabel modeling, like these. 

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