Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cold Snap!

Here in Arizona, yesterday was the coldest we have seen so far this fall.  The low was 44 and the high was in the seventies.  I know that is amazing weather, and trust me I am not complaining.  But for us, after a long hot summer, that low is super cold.  My children are so funny, yesterday they put on socks and funny knome hats I made for them as a bit of a joke.  I was not able to capture a photo of us in our funny hats, but the winter has just begun.
Here is Isabel modeling the red knome hat earlier this past summer.

It was shocking to wake up in the cold.  Luci let me know right away that she wanted to stay in bed instead of following me into the kitchen like she usually does.  She let me know by thumping her tail and burying her face under her blanket.  Yes, Luci has a cozy blanket and loves to be covered before she goes to bed.  She is too big to sleep with the two of us, but she prefers her bed in our room to sleeping anywhere else.  We have a nightly ritual where Luci is asked to come down from our bed and get into her bed that we pull out from under the bed.  Sometimes she is reluctant.  It always makes me laugh.  It is as though Luci thinks that she can sleep hard in our bed and we might forget and leave her up there for the night.  Not likely when she sprawls across the bed sideways.

Here Luci is in my bed.  She always lays across and sleeps hard.

Here she is in her bed.  That is her beloved fuzzy blanket in the upper left corner.

The cold felt like one of the first signs that the holiday season is on it's way.  Thanksgiving here we come!

The kids have been helping me make some holiday ornaments, we will share them in the next few days.

Have a great Tuesday!

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  1. We had some great cooler weather last week, but the temps are back in the mid-80s for us this week. Last week was wonderful, and I look forward to more of it in a few more weeks....hopefully!

    Love the photos. Luci is a sweetheart!


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