Sunday, November 11, 2012

I Knew My Dad Was A Hero Before I Knew He Was A Veteran

I have mentioned in several posts that my father was in the Air Force as I was growing up, he was in Thailand during the Vietnam War.

I remember so many moments as a child when I looked up at him and thought I would always be safe.  My dad is not a giant.  He does not have bulging body builder muscles.  He wore a uniform, but all the soldiers wore the same uniform.

It is all there, in his eyes.   He would brave a fire or lift a car.  He would slay the dragons or the terrorists.  He is the kind of man that all men want to be and all children want to have as their father.

I am grown up now and he lives far away, but I still feel safe because I know he is out there.  He is still ready to face any trouble with me, to slay any serious grown up dragons I come across.

If you look into the eyes of the man who is my father, you would also see the strength, honor, love and grit that has been there all of my life.

So you see I knew he was a hero before I knew he was a Veteran.

Today I honor one of the best men on the planet, a man who has great love for his country and his family.

Today I honor my father, the Veteran.   Thank you for your service, Dad.

US Flag
Photo Courtesy:  ABC15

Please give your love and appreciation to the Veterans in your life today.  Have a great Veteran's Day.


  1. A beautiful tribute to your dad!!

  2. Sylvia showed me your comments and I feel very humbled by the kind words. I will tell you I loved serving my country and as you know it took us all over the world. I may have been the one who enlisted but we all served and made sacrifices.

    You never lived in the same place longer than four years. We uprooted nine times in the twenty two years I served. You never attended the same school for more than three years. We left friends and family behind time after time. I remember taking you out school during your senior year and dragging you half way around the world. You adapted, handled the situation, and best of all turned out to be a daughter, and now a parent I am so proud of.

    So yes, I need my children to do well. I need you to feel my will never out grow it and it is unconditional.

    I love you and now yours very much.


    1. Thank you, Dad. We had a great adventure and I think back on the fun times often. I love you too and am glad my children have such an outstanding Grandfather.


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