Thursday, November 8, 2012

Now We Can Focus On Counting our Blessings!

I think that no matter who you voted for you are glad for the election to be over.  I feel like we can now focus on the holiday that gives us a chance to reflect on our lives and acknowledge the things we care about.

Thanksgiving is coming and my little family is ready for a lovely celebration.  The five of us, (yes I included Luci in the count) love the Thanksgiving Holiday and recognizing the things we are most thankful for.  This fall we are celebrating a lot.

Sebastian is in Police Explorers and in College studying Criminal Justice.  I am proud of that for sure, but I am also proud of the way my son cares about our family.  His support and help make my health concerns easier for all of us to handle.  He could have left home last year and gone out into the world, the fact that he is here means more to me than he will ever know.

Isabel is doing better than ever in her studies and she is helping me in so many ways.  She is supporting my crafting efforts and helping with computer work.  When Isabel asked me to braid her hair before school a few days ago, I was reminded of brushing her hair as a little girl.  Such a sweet moment brought a tear to my eye.  Sometimes her teen angst shines through, but Isabel is my sweet girl turning into a  lovely young lady.

I fell in love with Esteban when we first met more than 20 years ago.  I would never have imagined that when that love took root that it would grow and fill my life so completely.  That love has been tested, he has been tested.  But I feel so lucky and proud that in the middle of the biggest storm of our lives, he is standing strong for us all.
Each morning when I see his smile I know that everything is going to be ok no matter what happens.  No matter what happens.  That is a pretty big deal and I could not be more thankful.

Father and Son laughing together.  They both make my life better every day.


  1. Sweet. I still look for your post daily. I love fall and look forward to time off next week at Rockport. Love you Tanya......syl

  2. A beautiful post this morning!


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