Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our Trees are Now Christmas Ornaments!

I have been trying to create a holder that allows our tiny trees to become a Christmas tree ornament.  I know the trees would look so pretty on the Christmas tree but I wanted anyone with a tree to be able to put them on a dresser or desk after the holiday.  After several prototypes, the holder is now ready!  Let's take a look.

 Here is my red tree (January Birthstone).

Here is the light pink tree.  So pretty.

The Christmas tree ornament holder has a little wire worked basket that fits just under the beaded top of the tree.  I tested each holder by shaking it with a tree in it.  This design was the best by far and your tiny tree won't fall out.

I made the holder in gold for sparkle and also in dark green so it would fade into the Christmas tree and the tiny tree would stand out.  Let's take a look at that one.

I love the green one, but appreciate the sparkle of the gold Christmas tree ornament holder.

If anyone out there has a tiny tree and would like a Christmas tree ornament holder, just send me an e-mail with the number needed and gold or green wire.

I am updating our Etsy shop today so each tree listing shows that the ornament holders are included with each tree.

Our shop is participating in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales so stay tuned for great discounts on that day.

Have a Treerific Tuesday!

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