Sunday, November 4, 2012

Isabel was a Lovely Zombie

My family has no regard for blogging.  They have not released all of the Halloween photos to me, so I am going to go with what I've got.

I have Isabel as a lovely zombie girl, see for yourself.

Isabel is so funny!  I love the way she is taking the role so seriously.  Sebastian got this hat a few years ago.  He lent it to Isabel after intense negotiations.  She did the make up all by herself.  We all wanted to help, but she had a vision and knew what she wanted and I think it turned out great.  We went out to the Tempe Marketplace and Isabel received numerous compliments on her face makeup.

Here Isabel is taking off her glasses.  Hey, zombies have to see too you know.

I also got a blurry zombie smile.  I think her hair is so pretty, Isabel is a lovely girl, er I mean zombie.

I hope you are having an amazing weekend.


  1. Isabel is definitely a lovely zombie!!!

  2. haha. cute!! Hurricane Sandy ruined my Halloween plans so I went as myself hanging out at home.


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