Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Love Lists

Thank Grimm it's Friday!  I love that show.  There are a few other things that my kids and I have fallen in LOVE with lately.  I am going to list the latest obsessions by person.  Here we go.

School:  Confident in her Studies
It seems like Isabel is more relaxed in school this year.  No struggles, all As and Bs.  She comes home and tells me stories about her day.  I love it.  Chatting with her is such a pleasure, she is a sweet girl even in her occasional teen funk.

Food:  Papa's chicken tacos
Chicken slow cooked in the crock pot.  It is like sunshine, joy and chicken on a plate.

Netflix:  Vampire Diaries
Started watching a few shows, and now she is hooked.

Friend:  Jamie
From school, in two of the same classes, including choir.  They both have long dark hair.

New Movie:  End of Watch
Sebastian really enjoyed the movie, still thinking and talking about it a week later.

Food:  French Toast
We got a french loaf and Sebastian makes homemade french toast with it, his secret ingredient is a few shakes of cinnamon sugar.

Netflix:  Walking Dead
He is hooked on this creepy series, but only watches one every day or two so the episodes will last.
He has seen all of the episodes, but is now going back and watching them again from the beginning.

Friend:  Sean
They were in High School together.  Sebastian admires his cool geekiness.

Food:  Hawaiian Honey Wheat Rolls
I eat at least one a day with real butter.  So delicious.  We usually have them at Thanksgiving, I got some on a whim and now I am totally in love.  I have to watch myself and not eat too many.

Netflix:  Walking Dead
I don't like horror movies.  There is just something about this show.  It seems like the story could really happen.  The actors are fantastic.  There is a lot of gross though, so beware if you are squeamish.  I am hooked, almost done with season 2.

Online:  Craftgawker
I love looking at all the crafty photos.  My Beaded Spider Tutorial picture was accepted by Craftgawker on Wednesday.  I feel proud to see my photo with all of the other cool pictures.

Other TV:  The Voice and X Factor
I love the living the dream stories of the singers and the judges are pretty entertaining.  I can't wait to see Idol too.

Thanks for reading about our current obsessions.

Have a lovely long weekend.

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  1. We love Grimm, too! I'll have to check out Walking Dead. We watched Flashpoint, but haven't gone back to watch it again. Good show, though! Thanks for sharing the family news!!


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