Friday, October 12, 2012

Pinterest, Revolution and Luci

I am super late in finding Pinterest, I have seen mention of it all over the web.  When I first heard about it a few months ago, I had enough going on and wasn't really interested.  It sounded like just another thing I had to sign into and spend my valuable crafting time on.  I had the impression that it was just a bunch of photos being posted.

Well, they are not just photos, that's for sure.  You can pin a website or a tutorial or just about any web content.  I am at the stage where I am looking at other people's boards and following those with great pins.  WOW!!  There are folks out there with AMAZING collections of information and photos on just about any topic.  You can collect ideas for Christmas, which is my next step for Pinterest.  I want to make a few things for fun and a few things as gifts and the boards are a great way to collect ideas.

I suggest you at least stop by the website to take a look at what all the fuss is about.
I am following some animal lovers so I get to see all of the super cute animal photos, they really get into it.  You can choose different topics so you can see the pins that you are interested in or you can see all pins.

Here is the link:

Follow Me on Pinterest button

As soon as I figure it out (that means Isabel will help;) I will post a link on the side of the blog so you can follow me on Pinterest if you like.

I also just started a My Laughing Lion facebook page.  I am going to finish setting it up and then put the link on the side of the blog.  But you can take a peek here:

In a previous post I discussed the upcoming fall TV line up.  I mentioned that I thought the new show Revolution was no good after seeing the pilot.  Well, my husband insisted we keep watching and the show has really grown on me.  It's not Grimm or anything, but I plan to keep watching.  I just wanted to set the record straight.

So here is an Ariel photo of my Luci.  She sleeps with such gusto, like she does everything.  I just realized that I take a lot of photos of Luci sleeping.  It is not easy getting a good shot when she is awake.  And she is so angelic when she sleeps.  Sometimes she does a stifled bark and moves her paws like she is running.  She is running in her dream.
My husband likes to whisper to her that she is a good girl and everything is ok, just in case she is in distress.  Sebastian talks to Luci in a soft voice and tells her encouraging things like how smart she is when he pats her.  Isabel likes to hug her around the neck like a girlfriend and kiss her on the side of the nose.  Luci loves every minute of it and looks like she understands how much we all love her.  I love collecting these sweet family moments, they are like precious jewels.

Have a Grimmtastic Friday.


  1. I have fun with Pinterest. Here is my site and you are welcome to check it out. I need to reorganize, since I am getting so many pins, but maybe you'll see something to repin.

  2. Terri! Wow. Thank you so much. So many great boards. I also have to say your picture at the top is just lovely and so well done. I am going to really enjoy looking around. Thanks again.

  3. Tanya could you text me I got a new phone and yours and Esteban's number did not get moved. I took a picture of a tree that was at a restaurant in Rockport this week and want to send it to you. Lot's of love


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