Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

Wednesday is finally here!  I love to join other craft queens and visit work desks around the world.  You can take a peek or join yourself by going to Artist Julia Dunnit's beautiful blog Stamping Ground.

I am working away from my desk.

This is our craft table where we have the tools and supplies for several projects.  My family is still making decisions about Halloween costumes, I'll have to take pictures of the mess that will be left after that;).  Yes, that is a gong against the wall.  I got it years ago and just love it.  We use it randomly for fun, the sound is actually very soothing.

My handsome son was crafting with me, he is so bright and fun to be around.  

I have been using my lapdesk in my super chair.  I got the tray at JoAnn's and LOVE it.  It is just the right size.  I was doing more experimenting with clay.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful workdesk Wednesday.


  1. Wow that's a fab tray - I just spread all my crafty bits across the sofa - I ought to post that as my workdesk one day!! I have been using up all my junk beads this week so will be looking for old necklaces at the next car boot sale! x Jo #79

  2. Oooh I need that tray! How lovely to have your son craft with you. Thanks for stopping by my desk today - I've enjoyed visiting yours. Happy Wednesday, :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner @89)

  3. isn't it wonderful when family join in the crafting fun my daughter sometimes joins me when she's home from uni and I love it and hope it 's always the way.. have a fab week.the tray is super great idea for crafting away from your work desk #99

  4. Wow...that little desk would be perfect for doing any beadwork while watching tv.

  5. Great idea, a crafting tray... when I'm not in my craft room, I use the ironing board! I'm a stand up crafter...Thanks for my snoop! Have a crafty week! HaPpY Late WOYwW!
    ((Lyn)) #25

  6. I can't settle with a tray.just as I get into it, there's some other thing I need and have to from fetch, ends up not being worth the effort! No Halloween work going on here at all, but it's lovely to see your handsome boy working with you,I'd love that.

  7. I love that tray! What a great idea so you can craft anywhere!

    Happy Halloween and WOYWW!
    Katie #114


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