Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Family Fun

The kids are helping me get our online shop ready for the holiday season.  As I add new items, they must be photographed and listed.  Both Isabel and Sebastian are helping set things up to get better photos.  We are trying to use props and show our work as it looks when worn.

Sebastian moved my sewing model into the corner and hung up the lamp from the light box.  The light was harsh so he hung a tissue paper as a filter.  You can see the light box on the right, it is glowing because of sunlight coming in from the window. Isabel dressed the model so we could show our necklaces in action, we are also going to use a plain white shirt to see which looks best.  She hung the baking tin that is our magnetic jewelry holder in the upper right corner.  It helps us keep track of our things as we take photos and it's pretty too.  We just used a lovely scrapbook paper to cover the baking tin, then added magnets and presto.

Before I knew it, they had a little photo studio ready for action.  I love that both are helping and feeling part of the project.

We have a large cardboard (you can see it in the lower left corner of the photo) and are going to make backgrounds for a photo booth in the same corner.  We want to use it for Halloween, so we are still researching good background ideas and will begin work on it soon.

We are also going to use word charms and initial charms to customize a few of our pieces.  Sebastian likes using the hammer.

We also used clay to experiment with a few new ideas.  The round pieces were just cooked and now will be sanded and painted.  I haven't used clay in years and forgot how much fun it can be.
The feel of the clay as it gets warm is exciting, like the clay is storing warm energy to help make your creation come to life.

We are going to continue working on things this weekend, but also want to see a movie.  I am voting for Looper, the time travel sounds interesting. 

I hope your weekend is at least as fun as mine, even more fun if that's possible.

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  1. How great it is to have two such willing and resourceful helpers!! Awesome. I'll look forward to seeing your photos, when they are ready to unveil! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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