Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday is Tree Day!

I declare that each Thursday is Tree Day.  What happens on Tree Day?  A Tiny Tree parade.  I will parade the trees I made this week for your viewing pleasure.

I made two new Tiny Trees in new colors and a Tree & Full Moon pendant too.  Let's take a look.

This color just blows me away.  The glass chips have a deep blue color that looks so lovely in the light.

This is the other side.  I like the trunk, it is unique and twisty and almost looks like it defies gravity.  Is it too much?
This new tree is made of blue green Adventurine chips.  Adventurine is one of my favorite semi precious stones, and the chips I bought have such a beautiful and creamy light blue green color.  I do not like this trunk, so I will replace it today.

 I tried a new wire brand and it was different to work with, now that I am familiar I will have no problem producing a new trunk I like.  I am working on a Birthstone collection so every color or stone is represented.  It has been fun researching and finding the right colors and stones.

 This is my newest Tree and Full Moon Tree of Life pendant.  I like the black wire on the silver ring, it makes the tree stand out.

I love making these.  The moon is made of black Mother of Pearl and has a great shine. The moon moves side by side a bit inside the pendant.

That's what wire work I have been up to this week.  Isabel and I are working on a few new projects we can't wait to share next Thursday.

Have a treerific Thursday!

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