Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday is Tree Day!

Today is the day I parade my latest Tiny Trees for your viewing pleasure.  I am going to include a few non-tree things I've made this week as well.  Here we go.

I showed the red tree yesterday, but I love it so much I had to show it again.  Isabel says this is her favorite tree I've made so far.  The red glass beads look like garnets and garnets are the birthstone for January.  I am trying to produce a tree for each birthstone and am almost done. I think the red glass and gold wire look so pretty together.

This tree is so hard to photo, but it is made out of Semi Precious Opalite bead chips.  I was so excited to find real opal chips, Opal is the birthstone for October.

This is the opal tree again.  I thought a textured background would show off the chips a bit better, but at least you can see some of the cloudiness that opals are famous for.

This tree is actually very interesting.  Real turquoise is expensive, I have not been able to find any beads in my price range until now.  The chips are still listed as Semi Precious but they are synthetic turquoise made in Japan.  I was able to compare them side by side to real turquoise and couldn't tell the difference.  Pretty cool.

This is a branch and moon pendant.  The moon is an Opalite bead.  I love how twisted the branches are.  I think it is missing something.  I am working on a tiny wire figure to go in the center.  It will be an owl or a wolf.

A small Opalite pendant.  So simple but beautiful and sparkly.

This pendant is made with mother of pearl beads.  I like the tear drop shape and the two tone color variation.

Thanks for taking a look at my latest creations.

Have a terrific Thursday.

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