Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Here I Am

I am working on an update of the profiles for our shop so Isabel and I need to take some photos of each other.  I wanted my photo done with trees and with the little light box we made.  Then I wanted to try with hat and without, so Isabel did a little photo shoot for me.  Here I am.

I love this hat I made last year, it has a great flapper look.  I use it when we go out sometimes.  There is a flower pin on the side.  I know the lighting is not great, we had a light pointed behind me.  We are going to do another photo shoot tomorrow when the sun it out.

My hair has grown, but the bangs seem to want to stay short.  My wooden man was in the way too, we thought it would be a great prop.  I think we'll do without him or at least re-position him next time.

Isabel was so patient.  I had my glasses off then on again, then off.  She has a great eye.  I think when we set up better lighting, the photos will be perfect.

What do you think, hat or no hat?


  1. No Hat...my vote but you could do both. Syl

  2. No hat. Great shots. More light will be better - you are right about that. Can't wait to see what you do today!!


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