Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday?

Yea!  Wednesday is here!  I love to visit other desks around the world and the only place to do that is at artist Julia Dunnit's beautiful blog Stamping Ground.  Every Wednesday she hosts an international party full of amazing artists sharing their work space.  You can go and take a look or even join in.

I have been working away from my desk.  Here is my workspace right now.

This is the tray of supplies that I use to make my trees.  I converted the box from an Ikea wall clock, the shape was just right.  I can sit with it on my lap and make a tree while watching TV.  I love the rich colors.

I was told by a friend trying to help that my photos are a little boring.  She suggested I use props to spice things up.  So I thought I would use my husband's lion, but it didn't photograph well for me.  It came out a bit blurry each time.  I really do prefer the light box.

I thought this tree of photos would make a good prop.  I did not realize until editing that the photo of my husband and I just behind the trees looks not quite right.  It was taken years ago and we were in a photo booth and took gag photos, when you see them all together this one is funny.  But alone...... Ok, won't be using this photo. 

See how much nicer the lighting in the light box is.  I thought a globe would be a smart prop.  But you can't really see the earrings well.  Yikes, this prop thing is a little harder than I expected.  I am going to have Isabel and Sebastian gather a few props so we can get some practice.  Isabel has a good eye for photos.

Does my hand count as a prop?  Using props effectively is definitely a work in progress.

Thank you for stopping by.

I hope today is better than the best Wednesday you could imagine.


  1. wow, love the little trees. they're so pretty.

  2. Perhaps you would drape a scarf or two in the light box, to compliment the objects you want to photograph? Just a thought!

    Your work is beautiful, and I love your Ikea box idea. Brilliant!

  3. The trees are wonderful! Photographing with a prop is so hard, I hope you find a prop you like soon!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Katie #121

  4. I too really like the trees. They are really cute and I would def buy one if I saw them at a craft fair! happy woyww jenx 139

  5. Happy WOYWW. I am rubbish at taking photos - just use my phone or scan stuff! I particularly love the last piece - the lace is gorgeous. Ali x #87

  6. Lovely shiny beads and such, what pretty trees! I'm not so great at pics, either, just can't quite get it. Yours look great to me!

    #137 this week

  7. Your trees are really lovely...I think they are a timeless art piece. Clever use of the box and yes all of the stones looks so pretty! Love those earrings too. Sandi #32

  8. Actually, e en though you don't like the photo out of context, it is nice to see the trees as ornaments, although of course, I also agree about the light box.....Toughnone huh. The Lacey glass earring is beeyoootiful.


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