Monday, September 24, 2012

Halloween Yes! and The Costume Search Continues.....

My lovely daughter, Isabel was initially unsure about dressing up for Halloween this year.  I know I would dress up if I could;), so I used my Halloween enthusiasm and was able to convince her to dress up on the big spooky day.  Yea!
Last week I found five great Halloween costume ideas, you can check them out here.   I got the dress up win, but the costume ideas were rejected.

Hey, I take what I can get, remember she is 13.  So I am still looking for THE costume or at least a great idea to build from.  We are pretty crafty and I can sew, so we can make just about anything she likes.  We did talk briefly about a zombie back up plan.  We would just do make up and tattered clothes if we can't come up with something more original.

So here is my 2nd list of interesting Halloween costumes.  I know some of the kids pictured are younger, I just like the bright and vibrant ideas.  Isabel speaks craft so I feel confident that we can work together to make something fun and age appropriate.

You can find all of these ideas and more with instructions on the great website

1. Greek Statue.  How cute is this?  A basic dress with white fabric draping around the shoulders make this a pretty easy costume.  You could also do a basic head piece with gold leaves instead of the green leaves and grapes.  Isabel loves Greek Mythology, so this might work.  It could also be turned into a goddess costume pretty easily if she likes.
Greek Goddess Halloween Costume
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2. Ham Sandwich.  This one is so funny.  Definitely a more time consuming craft project, but one of a kind.  I would use cardboard, paint and construction paper to put this together.  The pickle hat is my favorite part.

Kids Ham and Cheese Costume
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3. Fortune Teller.  I dressed up as a fortune teller one year when I was a kid.  This costume is easy to put together but can have a lot of personality.  I have a turban too.

Fortune-teller Costume
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4. Target.  This one is funny and easy to wear for a 13 year old.  I would put the arrow front to back instead of side to side, to make it look like someone missed the target.

Target Costume
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5. Pizza.  This could be done pretty easily in various types of construction paper and cardboard.  I really like this one, it will make everyone smile.
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6. Blue Bird.  The possibilities here are endless.  You could do a brown make up and brown feathers to look like an owl.   You could do red feathers to look like a cardinal.  White feathers to be an eagle or dove.  You could go all out and do some type of wings that strap to the arms.  I would use cardboard, paint and feathers.  Maybe too flashy for Isabel, but it might just be interesting and whimsical enough to catch her eye.
Bluebird Costume
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7.  Washing Machine.  This is pretty cute, but may be complex to put together.  Although you could use a few items you might normally throw away.  I think it is funny enough to at least show Isabel.

Washing Machine Halloween Costume for Kids
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8.  Octopus.  Simple and funny and pretty current, I've seen Octopus (or is it Octopi?) everywhere.  We could re-purpose an over sized sweat shirt.  
Octopus Costume
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9.  Pumpkin.  I consider this one a solid choice.  The leaves make it look feminine and pretty somehow.  She might like the simplicity here and if the face make up is done right it can be a cool twist on a classic.
Pumpkin Face Costume
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10.  Mummy.  This is also close to the Zombie that Isabel is interested in.  The zombie would likely have more darkness around the eyes.  We have a good face make up kit, Isabel would just need the fabric strips.  

Mummy Face Make-Up for Halloween
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There we go.  Do you have a favorite?  

I'll let you know what Isabel thinks about my list.  She was excited after we talked yesterday so she may develop a few ideas herself.

Thank you for taking a look at some of my Isabel costume ideas.

I hope your Monday is fun and interesting.


  1. I love the bird idea but even better is the spin on it with being an owl. That would be so cool! We got Libby's already. She picked out a ladybug. We will send you pics. Tell Isabel that I vote for an owl.

  2. The washing machine is adorable! Perhaps I am drawn to that costume, because I like washing clothes, and do it daily. I am not weird enough to enjoy ironing!

  3. Fantastic costume! Sandy Dallas Can't wait for my 3 month granddaughter to be dressing up.

  4. I am a grown up and I want to be the ham sandwich!!!

  5. Ooh, the pumpkin is so cute! I might have to try that idea for myself this year hehe


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