Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday is Tree Day!

I have several trees to share as well as a Christmas Tiny Tree prototype.  So, let's get started.

This one turned out great, it is made of gold colored brass wire and pink glass chips.  I added a few branches to the design to see if I would like it and I really do.

This tiny tree is made of gold colored brass wire and dark purple glass chips.  I think the color of the glass really works with the gold wire.

I also completed a new light green tree with longer branches.  I like it, for me it almost has a palm tree feel.

Oh, the Citrine tree.  It is my most favorite.  I gave one away and had to make a new one because I missed seeing it.  The stones sparkle beautifully, the gold colored brass wire is a perfect compliment.

I am still working on a few Halloween prototypes, but I think this one is off to a good start, I may clip the branches a bit.  I also want to put some kind of owl or bird in it for interest.

I used a thicker wire on this one and really like the way it turned out.  Sebastian liked it so much I gave it to him.  I am going to make another and use it as one of my models for no leaf trees.

I have made a total of 32 Tiny Trees so far.  I started out trying a free standing tree after I learned to make the tree of life pendant.  That tree was pretty rough, but I kept making new trees and now I think I am on a roll.  So here is my first Tiny Christmas Tree prototype.

I totally love it.  I do know it is way too short, I did that on purpose so I wouldn't use up too many of my dark green glass chips, the color is perfect.  My next prototype will have a slightly smaller base with a much taller tree and gold colored brass wire.  I am excited to get ready for the Holidays.  I also plan on trying to make a few different ornaments.  I am going to finish nailing down my Halloween pieces this week and then move on to more Christmas prototypes.

There you have it, another Tree day.  

Thank You for taking a look at my latest creations.

I hope you have a lovely Thursday.

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  1. Beautiful litte trees!
    I follow you back!
    Greeting from Germany!!!


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