Thursday, September 27, 2012

Today is Spider Day!

On Thursdays I like to show the tiny trees I've been working on for the week.  This week I've been working on little spiders and will share them instead.

Here we go.

 This is my smallest, about the size of a quarter.
 This one is a bit bigger made with a stone body bead that looks like marble.

I like how this one looks like it is wearing little bracelets.  I like the head bead too, so sparkly.
This spider has a glass gem with lace and grey copper wire.  I use a special glue to add the lace to the glass gem.  I love the way the lace looks on this one, different.

This is my largest one, the glass gem on this one is about the size of a small cookie (I am hungry).
I put the lace on this gem too, I think it makes for a pretty special spider.

Here are the two lace spiders together.  They are my favorites.

A group photo.

I've had fun putting together the little spiders.  Thanks for taking a look.

Have an outstanding Thursday!


  1. I am blown away by your creativity! These spiders are so cute and lovely. That is not how I normally describe spiders.

  2. Oh wow! I just love those little spiders, specially the marble type one, I don't normally like spiders much but these little critters are so cute!!! You are very talented and your friend will love the bee you've made. Keep smiling and crafting!

  3. I don't like real spiders, I run when they advance towards me but I love your bead ones. They are fab! Thanks for sharing them with us.
    Hugs Neet xx

  4. The nicest spiders I have ever seen! I was a bit worried to read about spiders, but I'm glad I did in the end! hehe


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