Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day?!?

I wasn't sure if you wish someone a Happy Labor Day, but some people are off work today, I bet for them it is happy.  So yeah, Happy Labor Day!
We are working on a feature about Isabel that explains her bracelets, discusses her mermaid like hair and breaks down her feelings about Middle School.   We are working on it together and will have it up tomorrow.  Then Sebastian on Friday.  I have done posts on them before, but I want to get to the fascinating details in their own words.  I am excited to see what they come up with.

For today, I have two rare treasures.  Ok, they are pictures of Luci, not so rare, but definitely treasures.  The first one is a college of Luci standing and then sitting at the door, listening.  She often stands at the door and moves her head back and forth to hear what is going on outside.  I was trying to get some photos of her doing that when she turned around on me.  She speaks with her looks and the last photo is clear.  Her ears are back, that means she is unhappy and she is telling me to stop taking pictures, Mom.  Just like Isabel and Sebastian.  Luci is now officially my furry child.

This second treat is a college of Luci with a branch.  She was going so fast in the last photo I almost didn't catch it.  Luci loves finding sticks and branches, she usually drags around the big ones.  This one was small enough she was able to run.

We are sharing our Luci picture on Madge Bloom's great blog The View From Right Here.

Weekly Top Shot

We wish you a relaxing Labor Day!


  1. Those last pics are so funny.

  2. I have a mini Dachshund and he tries to bring what seems like mini trees into the is so funny to watch him trying to drag one three times the size that he is. These photos are so fun!

  3. You made me chuckle, your Luci is not a great deal unlike my Lucy (a Corgi-mix)... love that collage! Thanks for sharing on Weekly Top Shot #47!


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