Friday, September 7, 2012

Rain, Rain Stay for Days

It is raining this morning and the moisture is heavy in the air.  It has been a pretty dry summer so it feels like the world is sighing in relief.  The temperatures are better too, this is a break in heat that you learn to enjoy when you live in the desert.  These breaks grow and eventually lead to fall, which is the best time to live here.  The desert really does come to life.  Gatherings are so pleasant, people tend to linger outside.  I can't wait for cooler days.  Soon.

Sebastian and I are not ready with his profile, we will post it next week.  Our family is trying to get into fall routine.  It takes time to get used to the changes, Isabel is almost there.  She gets an early release every Friday and is off at 1pm.  The teachers working in her school knew what they were doing when they voted for that change;). We will have a nice relaxing weekend, I hope you do too.  I will leave you with photos of my babies.

She redeems one of her prizes.  Delicious.
Hmmm.  Yes.

Have a perfect weekend.

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