Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall TV-I Can't Wait!

I look forward to the fall TV season like some people look forward to football season.  This is the time of year when the best shows come out.  I thought I would go through the shows that I am already following and then review the new shows I can't wait to see.  Here we go.

Already Hooked:

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Grimm-Fri Sept. 21 NBC
This is my favorite going into the fall season.  I love the dark mystery of the story.  The cast is spectacular, they never fail to deliver.  I have been a fan since the first season and each episode is better than the last.

The Voice-already on
I saw it for the first time at the start of this season and love it already.  I think it will stay fun so I am going to keep watching.  I love Christina but I wish she would cover up her chest a bit more.

The X Factor-already on
I am new to this show too but I think Brittany is doing great.  She is more mature than I expected and I am glad.  Demi is cute and Simon is actually funny, I haven't heard LA say much.  The show is off to a good start as far as I am concerned.

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Once Upon A Time-Sun Sept. 30 ABC
Last season was fantastic, I can't wait to see what direction the show takes in season 2.

Photo Gallery: Returning Fall Shows: Where We Left Off
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Castle-Mon Sept. 24 ABC
I am a big Castle fan.  But I feel like the writers are toying with my emotions like they did with the romance between Maddie and Dave on Moonlighting so many years ago.

Survivor-Philippines Sept. 19 CBS
I've seen a few seasons of Survivor and really like it, I will definiately tune in to see the first few episodes.

Already Seen-Already Rejected:
Revolution-I saw the trailers and was ready for a great show.  The pilot was a huge disappointment, very slow and not about what the trailer seemed to show.  I wanted to find out what happened to make the power go off, it seems like that is the last thing the show is going to cover.  Too slow.  Rejected.

New Shows I can't wait to see:
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Elementary-Tues Sept. 25  CBS
This is a super easy pick, and the show I am looking forward to the most.  I remember reading Sherlock Holmes in High School.  I am a huge fan of the story and I love Luci Liu.

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Vegas-Tues Sept. 25 CBS
You had me at Dennis Quaid.  Michael Chiklis is basically a bonus.  The show is set in the 1960s and the trailers look really good.

The Arrow-Wed Oct. 10  CW
The trailers look exciting, I am willing to give this one a chance.

Did I miss anything?  What are you looking forward to in the new season?

Have a wonderful Monday.


  1. I like sitcoms because they are short make me laugh but to keep with the family viewing they like the Voice, X Factor, Grimm and are looking for some of the new 1 hours shows. I usually have to DVR my shows and watch later without commercials but at least no interruptions. Having a great Monday.

  2. I love Grimm and Modern Family. And I CANT wait for Once!!


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