Saturday, September 1, 2012

Top Ten Movies: Enemy Mine

Movie day is here!  Our top ten movies so far, and in no particular order:

Coming to America
The Fifth Element
Joe Versus the Volcano
Lady Hawke
The Princess Bride
Stand By Me

Today I am adding:

Enemy Mine
Enemy Mine is a 1985 science fiction film directed by Wolfgang Petersen based on the story of the same name by Barry B. Longyear. It starred Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett, Jr..Wikipedia
Release dateDecember 20, 1985 (initial release)
DVD release dateMarch 27, 2001
MPAA ratingPG-13
Some people may not understand having this movie as a favorite, but almost all of my top ten movies are from my childhood.  My Dad was in the Air Force and we moved around a lot so my family, especially my brother and I, bonded over movies.  Enemy Mine is one of those films.  This movie caught me off guard and got into my heart as a young teenager.  If you have never seen it, you really should, I think you will be surprised by the quality of the film.  I can't believe it was made in 1985, because the makeup is astonishing.  Beyond the make up and special effects, you have a story that shows that if you open your heart anything is possible.  

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I was hooked by the opening scenes where our hero is thought dead and escapes being shot into space by one very special necklace.  Is he a traitor? 

Stranded on a planet with your sworn enemy with no hope of escape, survival is only the beginning.

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They find food, but shelter proves to be an ongoing challenge.
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Talk turns to family, heritage and faith.
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A man devotes himself and learns more than he expects.

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Zamis is born.
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Davidge becomes Uncle.

 This movie opened my young mind and landed a place in my heart forever, an easy top ten pick.
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    "And the name Willis Davidge is added to the Line of Gereba."
I did not remember as many quotes for this movie, I have not seen it in years.  But I am going to convince Isabel and Sebastian to watch it with me today to commemorate Movie Day (Esteban is at work).  They are going out with friends later so I plan to get some bonding time in early.  

Thanks for stopping by for Movie Day, I hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.


  1. I did enjoy and hope those children watched it with you. I checked your blog earlier today and did not see the Top Ten posted. Got worried you ran out of movies. Don't forget to watch Second Hand Lion. Remember we talked about it. Have fun I can't believe a week ago we where with you and now not. Syl

  2. The best line has to be "dis you ugly head!" So funny.

  3. Great movie! I need to watch this again, and soon. Cherrie


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