Friday, August 31, 2012

Family Visit Adventures-Part 4 My Giant Brother and Baseball

I am excited to share more about our family visit adventures.  My brother took time out of his busy life to come visit us and we were all glad to see him.  Let me brag about him a little.
My Brother, Ray, is a Broker for a very prestigious financial firm.  He has a beautiful family and a nice house that he has improved with things like laying wood floors and finishing his basement.  He is a handy Do It Yourselfer just like Dad.  Ray also has a cool river boat, I think it is called a pontoon boat, that he enjoys with family and friends.  She wasn't able to make this trip (she was with us in spirit-Hi Andrea), but his wife Andrea is lovely and works as a training executive for another prestigious financial firm.  You have met their sweet daughter Libby.  They also have beautiful Emily at home who is 15 and wants to own her own jewelry line.  Then there is Sam, who is 19 and in school; Libby calls him bo bo, for brother. 
I also have to mention my beautiful sister Marina who is 19 and couldn't come because she was starting her school year.  Hi Marina!  We have the most amazing family full of bright and talented people.

My Brother with Isabel and Sebastian.
Isabel lost her smile but kept the 3D glasses from the IMAX on her head.
While he was here, Ray made it his mission to get personal gifts for my children.  For Sebastian, a knife and tactical boots like snipers wear (he is into law enforcement gear).   For Isabel some purple All Stars and a bunch of items from Hot Topic, her favorite store.  My parents, like good grandparents, gave the children cash so they are strutting around like it was Christmas.  Thank you Ray, Dad and Sylvia for making this visit so special for my babies. 

My Dad, Ray, Isabel and Sebastian.
 He got all the tall genes, my brother is a giant at 6'2.

On their last night here, my Dad and Brother arranged to go to a professional baseball game with Sebastian.  I didn't know, but there is a fancy stadium here that has a retractable roof.  Sebastian told me that my Dad said something like how great it was that he was able to take his son and grandson to a baseball game.  That made me tear up a bit.  Sebastian said he has a new appreciation for baseball, and it was a fun time he will never forget.  

Here are a few pictures of the evening:

I love this picture, you can see all three of their faces.  Sebastian took it on the sly with his phone, that's why it is so shaky.

The stadium looks cool, Sebastian said it was impressive.

A shot of home plate.  The Reds won!

What a great visit and what a wonderful family!  

Have a nice long Labor Day Weekend.


  1. Super cool pics. Everyone looked amazing. Luv you!

  2. Love your blog today. Have a great Labor Day weekend as well. We are in Rockport for the weekend. Syl


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