Monday, August 20, 2012

Bespoke Shoes and A Tall Girl

Today I want to share two great blogs I like to visit.

The first one is so interesting and different you may be surprised by the behind the scenes information you learn.  The blog is called:  Bespoke Shoes Unlaced:  A Shoe Making Blog.  The blog chronicles the work of two shoe artists making custom hand sown British men's shoes.   I know, on the surface the subject may not sound interesting, but I can't seem to get enough.  The tools are so fine and the hand work is amazing.  The posts range from photos of the classes they lead to trade shows they attend to finished shoes.  You can tell both have a sense of humor because of their nicknames: Madame Shoe and jimmyshoe.  Check out this great blog if you get a chance.

carreducker bespoke
jimmyshoe and Madame Shoe
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The second blog I want to share is called Tall World After All.  This blog is about a Canadian Tall Girl sharing her life, travel and adventures.  She is a world traveler with a great sense of humor, and has lived in Germany and England.  We have that in common, so I really enjoy how she compares experiences in different countries.  Now Tall Girl is going to live in Spain and is going to be married soon.  (Just like my friend Luli-Yea!).  From the funny elderly things to the missing tarts at her shower, I enjoy reading every funny Tall Girl post.  Stop by to meet her at Tall World After All.

This is a funny glass fish Tall Girl found in her new flat.   Her caption was  "You won't find that at Laura Ashley.."
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Have a terrific Monday.

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  1. Oh, I have got to check out the shoe blog for sure! I have always been facinated by shoe makers. And the Tall World After All blog sounds adorable. Thank you for sharing them. And how sweet that you mentioned little old me. You are the beeeeeeeest bloggie friend ever!!!


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