Monday, August 27, 2012

Family Visit Adventures-Part 1 Isabel Sophia

We are having a great time together on our family visit.  My photo taking has been well, terrible.  I keep forgetting to take pictures, but did get a few funny shots.

We visited the mall yesterday and my beautiful daughter Isabel decided she wanted to have her eyebrows shaped.  I think she has one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen.  To see that face all twisted up with eyebrow plucking pain, is pretty funny.

Before I show the eyebrow picture, I found a photo of Isabel as a toddler that I was able to scan.  This is one of my favorite pictures of all time.  We were at her brother's baseball game and she decided to take the field.  Check out this beautiful Face.

 Those sausage arms!  The tiny toes and curly hair!  That face!
 Let's see it again, but 12 years later.

Her shirt says "Don't Bro Me if You Don't Know Me" and was a gift from her super cool Uncle.  Isabel is fantastic.  

That was just a peek at our Family Visit Adventures, more tomorrow.

Have a grimace free Monday;).


  1. So hilarious. Something I tell Emily all the time and will be telling Libby, "Beauty is pain" and so to my niece, "beauty is pain Isa"

  2. That's what I do to my eyebrows twice a month. The threading. It hurts but so worth it!


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