Friday, August 3, 2012


Happy Friday.  I've posted a few times about things we love so much that we are SICK with them.  I really like it and want to continue the series.  We use the saying "you are sick with it" in my family when our love of something is over the top.  An example would be:  Isabel got a hand cramp from holding her DS in a tight grip for several hours without moving it.  See, clearly Isabel is sick with her DS.

Here are a few things my family is Love SICK with right now:
  • Jimmy Johns.  They have the best sandwiches and ultra fast delivery.  One Italian Night Club please.  Their sandwiches have great names too.  The sandwiches are not exactly health food, so we keep this as a treat.  I find that since we don't have them all the time we love them more.  Check out their website if you get a chance at Jimmy Johns.
  • Zipcar.  I know it may seem odd to some, but we don't own a car.  It was such an expense and we were able to work around it so we made the leap.  It really works for us at this time and we are saving a ton.  We can use the train which is about a block away (The train goes through Phoenix and some surrounding areas and is really nice); or Esteban and Sebastian use bikes to get around nearby.  About three or four times a month we rent a Zipcar for grocery shopping and appointments.  You may have heard of Zipcar, it is all over the country now and has gotten some buzz.  Zipcar costs about $7-$9 per hour depending on the type of car you rent.  You pay a $50 fee each year but the rental price includes miles, gas and insurance.  So we use a car when we need to and just love it.  It ends up being more affordable than taking a taxi if you consider trips back and fourth.  Everything is done online and you never have to see or speak to a person ever.  The card they send you actually unlocks the Zipcar you rent.  Check out their website at Zipcar.  We actually have one reserved for today and will be zipping around this afternoon.
vehicle photo
Photo Courtesy:
  • Bacon.  Yes.  Bacon.  It seems like we cook it just about every day.  The smell and salty goodness drives us all crazy.  Ok, so not every day, more like three times a week.  We keep it to two slices per person so we don't regret our bacon love;).  The secret is Oscar Meyer center cut.  Do not waste this valuable tip.  It is the bacon of our dreams.
Here are a few things I am Love Sick with right now:
  • Wire.  You've seen the trees, earrings and rings I've been working on.  I am definitely sick with wire love.  Seeing the finished project come to life gives me a real boost.  My sewing is suffering a bit, but those cute pillows I had planned will come together when the time is right.
I made these rings for Isabel and I.  I want to call them our "Why Knot" rings.  Isabel is not so sure.

  • Craftgawker.  I just recently discovered this cool site.  I am sick with the "randomize" button that shows you a random selection of the gawk worthy crafts.  I submitted my Tree of Life Parade post to the site and it was accepted.  They are big on good photos because they want people to gawk, so it was cool that my photo got in.  If you click on "latest" my little green tree will be in the first few pages.  There are good and bad offerings, it is just fun to see what photos people send in to attract attention.  Check out Craftgawker if you get a moment.

Have a  tremendous Friday.  I already have a movie lined up for my post tomorrow so be on the look out for that.  Hint:  There is a Hawk.

I was not compensated for my opinion, but I would consider being paid in wire or bacon (that certain kind of course;).

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  1. Frances I came across an old comment of yours on my site and loved your honesty, wisdom, compassion. You are a perfectly wonderful spirit and I am glad to find your blog! And I regret I cannot pay you in bacon.


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