Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hand Carved Stamps and Photo Help

I love all kinds of handmade crafts, so I am always on the look out for great tutorials that show me how to make wonderful things.  Well today I hit the jackpot!  I stumbled into the crafting kingdom of Ishtar Olivera. Her blog name is her name, here is the link:   Ishtar Olivera.  Her blog is in both English and Spanish, I was able to understand everything, but Google can translate the Spanish parts if you need it.  Ishtar is a professional illustrator with a love of rubber stamps.  She has a two part tutorial on hand carving stamps that I cannot wait to try.  They are so beautiful.  I am also going to try some of the amazing tips she gives in her photography series.  Her snaps are just perfect.

Take a look at some of Ishtar's lovely stamps:

1-. House stamp/ Sello casita: 2-.- Kitty stamps/ sello gatito3.- Fox stamp/sello zorro: 4.- Mandala

1.- Apple girl/ niña manzana;2.- Summer flower / Flor verano 3.- Bicycle and tree/ Bicicleta y árbol 4.- Birdie/pajarito

I think the bicycle, fox and mandala are my favorite.

I want to thank Ishtar for sharing her work.  I appreciate the inspiration.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. oh thank you!!! its very sweet of you to write about my tutorial! : D glad you liked it : )

    1. You are very talented. I am so glad I found your blog. Your photo tips make me so excited to try new things. Thank YOU for sharing so unselfishly.

  2. These stamps are awesome! I love them!!

  3. Wow, so much better than the silly little stamps I made in girl scouts. And the tree? I love the trees, they make me smile.


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