Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Around Our World

Today is a certain handsome hubby's birthday, so I have to make this quick.  So let's get this ball rolling!  I want to share a few simple things I treasure.  The first thing is old and a bit worn with love.  It is my awake asleep doll that I got for my 18th birthday from a friend in Germany.  She bought it in a little German Shop that had the coolest handmade items.  I love my little doll.

On one side she is awake and smiling and you turn her over and she is asleep and smiling.  The design is simple but brilliant.  She is made of wood.  Isn't she sweet?  I've had her for 22 years?!  I play with her all the time.  She loves my new trees.  She likes to get lost in the forest whenever she can.  The trees look so pretty, right?  I love the way they sparkle.  (You know I am obsessed and had to get the trees in here somehow.)

Next, I want to share my favorite tools.  I use these every day.  I know it seems odd to see heavy duty nail clippers, but they are the best at cutting the wire in tight spots, very sharp.  Don't worry, they were brand new before I added them to my tool box;).  The bent nose are great for grabbing and bending the wire with precision.  I bought them a few months ago, they were on sale for less than three dollars, I am still surprised about that.  Maybe they were discontinued or something; what ever the reason, it was an amazing deal. The round nose pliers help shape the wire without leaving marks.  I use the regular cutters for most cutting and the nail clippers only for the close cuts.  I got the round nose and the regular cutters in a tool box at a garage sale years ago.  I've seen other fancy and expensive tools, but I find that they duplicate the functions of the tools I already have.  I am super lucky to have these fine tools.

Ok.  Gotta go bake a cake!  Thanks for taking a look at a few things I L<3VE!

P.S.  I've been working on a few knot rings lately for Isabel and I.  Check this one out.  I'll share more about these on another day.

Have a great day.


  1. awwwww sooo cute!! Happy Birthday to the hub. I think you offended my ass, but that's ok. :)

    1. You are so funny! I cracked up on this for a while. That obnoxious kind of laughter with snorting and everything.

      Oh, yes. My most sincere apologies to your ass.

      Please let him know that I think he is very photogenic.

  2. Happy belated to my bro inlaw. And love that sleep awake doll. So neat. Very clever in the trees. It's funny what we keep around. I think because they remind us of nice memories. Your brother has your journals. Poems and stuff. Oh and spoons. Your Rings are amazing. Such talent.


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