Monday, July 30, 2012

I Broke Up With Oprah and Moss Agate Stones

I used to love Oprah.  Through the years, I watched her show when I could and always enjoyed it.  I even had her magazine delivered years ago.  That's why when I got a free e-magazine subscription about six months ago, I chose O Magazine.  I have not even opened the last two.  What a waste.  The magazine just seems like it is recycling the same self help topics and taking new and more glossy photos.

I think it was the photos that finally did it.  I mean no disrespect, but Oprah is a husky woman, so I don't understand why so many photos in her magazine continue to be of super thin, unhealthy looking women.  I have a young daughter and understand how important body image can be.  Doesn't she have enough power to change the photos that are taken for the articles in her magazine?
Then there are the super glossy shots of all of the stuff Oprah likes that costs a fortune.  I admit some of the stuff is cool, but some of it is just not interesting.  Do I really need a humanely cultivated angora hair drink coaster in magenta?  A neon green gravy boat shaped like an owl? Or Moroccan lavender and coconut infused olive oil?

"Snap!"  That was the sound of the last straw.

So I took a look at the other e-magazines I could choose.  I had to consider where I am now and what I like looking at, the photos are very important since I don't get out much;).  National Geographic was listed and I had to take a look,  I remember loving the magazines as a child and looking through them at the library.  I checked it out and National Geographic did not disappoint.  It has amazing photos and a good variety of stories.  Stories that feel like they matter.

So you see where this is going?  I broke up with Oprah to go with National Geographic.

I was not going to tell anyone at first, but now I feel it might be important to let others know that it is OK to break up with Oprah.
So there you have it.  No hard feelings Oprah.

On to tiny tree making.  I made this new one last night with copper wire and moss green agate stone leaves.



I love the Moss Agate stone.  I am still working on a bonsai prototype, but can't resist making a few trees with semi precious stone leaves.  I will take better photos and share them in the next few days.

 I hope your day is Tree-rific!  (forgive me;).


  1. Don't care for Oprah much. Never got into her much. National Geo, well that brings up very fond memories. Late 70s, early 80s for me. Roller skating to the Beegees. Ahh memories....back to the tree, looking good.

    1. You are so funny. Thanks for commenting, I love it when you share stuff too.

  2. Gave up on Oprah sometime ago, pretty sure she doesn't miss me either. I too subscribed to her magazine many years was free. National Geo...will thats another story....early 70's you could see lots of semi naked tribes pics...that what we like the magazine for. To much said like the trees. Having a Hot Texas day....watching olympics love the USA teams. WIN USA WIN

    1. So funny. I was cracking up on this one. Thanks for your support with the comments. Go USA!


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