Monday, July 16, 2012

Camp Breakdown and Grand Opening

I am so glad to have Isabel back home.  She had a great time.  Her eyes were very clear and strong as she hugged me.  I could tell the trip was meaningful for her.  I asked a ton of questions and got about a dozen really good answers;).  She is 13 after all.

Here is a brief breakdown of camp:

  • Her cabin had ten thirteen year old girls and three counselors.
  • There was pouring rain on their last day.
  • Favorite part-playing near the lake.
  • Decided not to canoe this year, maybe next year.
  • Went on two hikes and went swimming once.
  • Sang camp songs with every meal. (I thought this might be fun at home, but everyone else said no:)
  • Loved the food, had lots of fruit juice and deserts every evening.
  • Her camp name is Bonnebell.  She got to suggest the name and everyone liked it.  
  • Her favorite counselor was Hippie (camp name).
  • Her best friend camper was Prim (camp name).
  • Not much talk of cancer, just types each family was dealing with-all of her cabin had a parent with breast cancer.  Several stage 4 (interesting-I am not alone!) and one who was cured.
  • We packed well, she had the things she needed.
  • One of the campers saw a real tarantula!
  • ASU students are cool and nice (they were the counselors).

We don't have photos yet, she had to take disposable cameras so we have to get the film developed.  Yikes.  I haven't had to develop film in years.  Anyway, photos when they are ready.

We are having a grand opening of our Etsy shop- My Laughing Lion.  We have earrings, magnets and just a few made to order hats.  We are working on bracelets and other items and should have them added by the end of the week.  So stop back by if you get a chance.

I want to let my two best readers, Luli and Sylvia know how much I appreciate them.  I ask that each of you pick any item from the shop and we will send it out, no charge.  You have both been so encouraging, I appreciate every comment.  Luli, Please send me an e-mail with your choice and address.  You can reach me at  Sylvia, you can send an e-mail or leave a comment with your choice.  I know where you live;).

Thank you both so much!

Here is a peek at a few of the items in our shop:

I hope you have a great start to the week.

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