Friday, July 20, 2012

Trees of Life and Glee Love

My attraction to the Tree of Life began when I was a small girl.  My mom had one.  It was so many years ago, I was younger than ten, so I don't remember the details of how she got it.  It had a small stone base and the wire wrapped up to a trunk and then to branches.  The stones for the leaves were purplish.  It was so shiny and sparkly.  I just remember thinking it was the prettiest thing I had ever seen.  I looked around on the net and could not find the exact same one, but the one pictured below is similar.  On the one my mom had, the wire was wrapped around the stone base like roots.  And there were more leaves I think.  I may even try to make a free standing tree some day.  Until then, I am making tiny trees.

Photo Courtesy of Bead Works Inc.

Remember a bit ago I showed you the green and black tree pendant I was working on?  Well, here it is, my very first tree of life pendant on the left.  Esteban asked if he could have it.  He is so sweet, and I know he can appreciate the imperfections of a first try;).  I got tree fever yesterday and made the tree on the right.  Isabel asked for that one.  My family makes me feel so good about my crafty projects.  

I wanted to go even a bit smaller so I made the last one pictured.  I like them so much.  I figured out how to make a ring out of thicker wire to give the tree better structure and support.  I added a lot of leaves (stones) and may try one with fewer leaves.  I was also thinking of trying a tree without leaves, like a winter tree.  They are so fun to make I am having a great time.  

The children are so funny, they don't usually hang out together because there is a six year gap in their ages.  So you know when they are together for a long time they are either plotting or fighting boredom.  Yesterday they were watching a season of Glee together.  They didn't exactly swear me to secrecy, but Sebastian would kill me if he knew I was telling about his Glee love.  Don't tell him I told you.  I blame it on NetFlix;).

Have a Batty Friday.

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  1. Today i decided I chose a tree...they are so cool and unique. That's what I chose not sure they are in your store but I pick a tree. Lot's of love, Syl


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