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Top Ten Movies - The Fifth Element

Last weekend was the first post of my Top Ten Movies.  I enjoyed it so much I am going to make it a regular weekend series.  
Top Ten Movies So Far:  
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Next on my list, but in no particular Top Ten order, is The Fifth Element.  I did not get to see this movie in the theater, I don't remember why exactly, but I know I was busy with life in 1997.  My husband and I love Science Fiction movies (yea, total geeks).  The children love them too (semi geeks).  So at some point we decided to buy the video and boy did it make an impression.  The movie is visually stunning.  The world that Luc Besson dreamed up when he was 16 is breath taking.  Some of the sharpest critics agree that it is a beautifully made and visually entertaining film but they believe the story is weak.  What do they know? 

I am not going to detail the story or give a synopsis.  I will just say that the ride begins right away in the opening scenes of the movie and just doesn't stop.  The story is simple but definitely engaging and entertaining.  I read somewhere that John Paul Gaultier designed all of the costumes.  I am not surprised by that, the costumes are quirky and remarkable.  I am so glad Luc Besson became a filmmaker.  I think I've seen the movie a few dozen times by now.  Be aware that the movie is violent, lots of gunfire and explosions.  My kids are older so they can handle it, but I don't think it's appropriate for children under ten.   

All four of us just love this movie and can quote lines forever.

"Aziz, Light!"

"Big bada boom."

"Chick-can",  "Auto wash", "multipass", "I protect you."  

"The stones are in me."  "Is it ok if I try to negotiate?"  "I am very disappointed."  "Gimme the Kash."

"So tomorrow from five to seven will you please act like you have more than a two word vo-cab-u-lar-yee! It must be green!"

 "I didn't come here to play pumbaa on the radio. So tomorrow from five to seven your gonna give yourself a hand, green?"

"And they can grow up and have teeny tiny children of their own."

"LeeLoo Dallas Multi Pass." 
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The Fifth Element
The Fifth Element is a 1997 French science fiction film directed, co-written, and based on a story by Luc Besson, starring Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman, and Milla Jovovich. Wikipedia
Release dateMay 9, 1997 (USA)
DVD release dateDecember 9, 1997
LanguagesEnglish, German, Swedish
Gary Oldman (Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg)
Gary Oldman
Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
Chris Tucker (Ruby Rhod)
Chris Tucker
Ruby Rhod
Bruce Willis (Korben Dallas)
Bruce Willis
Korben Dallas
Maïwenn (Diva Plavalaguna)
Diva Plavalaguna

You should also consider the talented actors in the movie.  I have always liked Bruce Willis, he has had a great career.  I also love Gary Oldman and I think he steals the show in some ways.  He is so interestingly creepy as Zorg.  And Chris Tucker!?!  I think this is by far his funniest role.

I celebrate this visually stunning and funny movie today.  If you haven't seen it, it's worth your time.  

I hope your weekend is "Super Green."

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