Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Scottish Tree House and my Right Now list

As I was wandering around blogland this morning I stopped by Sophie Isobel's blog Her Library Adventures.  First, I love her name.  My daughter's first and middle names are Isabel Sophia, so to find a Sophie Isobel is just cool.  Sophie's blog is really nice, she is in Australia and is expecting.  I saw a post about The Lodge, a fancy hotel in Scotland that has this Treehouse as a room for rent.  
I do not want to travel to Scotland, I just want to daydream about living in this treehouse.  It overlooks the loch. 

This is a cabin at The Lodge.

So I have been thinking a lot about a Life List, I posted about it a while back.  My dilemma is that I am in a situation that does not allow me to travel or even go out much.  I don't want my list to be made up of things I know I will never do.  So I am working on a list of "right now" moments that I can use as a kind of Life List. 

Right Now List Item #1
Have thoughtful conversations that allow me to get to know each member of my little family even better.

Right now I have the time and I just want to get to know each person better.  I have been thinking about ways of  asking questions that I could use to help open up conversations.  Don't get me wrong, I ask them questions all the time and we do talk.  I just want to get closer, learn more.  The children are very special and I want to get a peek at where they are going and what they will be doing in their lives ahead.

In the past we've all been busy and have not had enough of the conversations that bring people closer.  At this time those conversations are more important than ever.  I have two books on reserve that I think can help with conversation, I will let you know if they are good.

Do you have a specific approach to conversation?  Is there anyone special that you want to have better conversations with?  

Mine is off to a great start, I hope you have a happy Tuesday.

P.S.  I drew this fish so I could water color him.  He looks a bit angry to me, we'll see after the paint.;)

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  1. That tree house looks neat. I'm glad u are asking questions to ur family. I ask questions all the time to mine. When u get a chance ask Ray some questions. I think he would enjoy that. I'm sure ur fish will turn out lovely.... Andrea


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