Sunday, July 8, 2012

Around Our World

Happy Sunday.  I want to share four pieces hanging in my room that we all love.  I found them at a Goodwill several years ago.  Each of us decided to take an animal since we had exactly four of these amazing brass medallions.

Esteban is the Lion.  He is a Leo, has a beautiful mane and is a great protector with a loud roar.
Sebastian is the Elephant.  He is the largest of the four of us, has a great memory and does not like mice.
Isabel is the Owl.  She loves to sing, has beautiful feathers and wears glasses.  Whoooo!?!
Frances is the Phoenix.  I manage to rise up from the challenges I face.  I am able to rise up because I have a  Lion, an Elephant and an Owl in my family;).

We thought it was funny that we got three real animals and a Phoenix.  At first we thought it might be a bird or a Griffin, but the flames make it clear to me that it is a Phoenix.

We are finalizing the packing for Isabel today, tomorrow is the big day!

Have a great rest of the weekend.


  1. It really sounds like everyone has a perfect match, especially your hub. I love it.


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