Thursday, July 5, 2012

She Made This!

Finally it is time to share a few of the things made by Isabel.  Here we go:

I believe it was in fourth grade, Isabel made this spiral clay dish.  I love the color and the flower she painted on the inside.

There is a shop called "As You Wish" in our local mall that Isabel just loves.  You select and then paint ready made pottery, they have a great selection of colors to choose from.  It can also be pricey, so look for specials or coupons on their website.  Isabel painted this penguin coin bank from "As You Wish".  The camera flash distorted the colors a bit and the brush strokes are barely noticeable in person.  I LOVE that Isabel is fearless in her choices, she inspires me to go outside of my comfort zone all the time.

Isabel also painted this beautiful plate.  She drew and then painted the flower, it turned out better than she expected.  Oh, and the ladies at the shop thought she was a genius.  I agree;).

Currently Isabel is working on a couple of jewelry projects we will share in a week or so.  She is also helping me with a new cork board idea.  I have these interesting looking metal pictures with each of our initials.  I have a four piece tile cork board set that I thought could become a kind of family vision/memory board.  Each person has their first initial and the cork board behind it.  Isabel is helping me select a few things that visually represent each person so we can pin them to the cork boards.  Not just pictures, we are looking for little things that are meaningful for each of us.  We just started, so here is a little sneak peek.  We were aligning the letters in the picture below, we still need to add the cork behind the E and F.  Because of all the angles I want to stagger the letters, not have them aligned exactly.  I think it will look pretty cool when we are done.  We'll post some pictures to show it off.

I hope you have a thrilling Thursday.

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